The Academy of General Dentistry: An interview with Gilbert A. Abadilla, DDS

March 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dr. Gilbert Abadilla, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, answers our questions about the Academy, his fellowship, and the benefit for his patients.

First of all, how would you describe “general dentistry”?

A general dentist is a practitioner who is not limited to a particular area of specialization, but is instead trained to treat a broad range of dental issues and licensed to practice in all areas of dentistry. General dentistry is sometimes known as “family dentistry.” As general dentists can treat both children and adults, they often provide care to all the members of a family.

What is the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)?

All occupations have their professional associations. The AGD is the organization dedicated to representing general dentists like myself. In fact, it is the only association exclusively serving our needs and interests. It focuses on continuing education for general dentists, advocacy and licensing assistance, and also helps with patient education.

Is your fellowship related to the continuing education aspect of the Academy?

Yes. AGD fellowships are offered to general dentists who have completed 500 hours of continuing education in multiple focus areas and then passed an intensive examination. The idea is to encourage dentists to keep up to date in their practice by staying abreast of the most recent procedures, technologies, and ideas. For a good dentist, education is an ongoing experience, not something that stops once you receive your DDS. AGD encourages all dentists to adopt that attitude.

So what are the advantages for patients of choosing an AGD Fellow as their dentist?

General dentists who are AGD Fellows have strongly demonstrated their commitment to remaining current in their field. They will therefore be able to offer patients the best possible care by providing the latest diagnosis and treatment options. It is a simple formula: quality education for the dentist means quality care for the patient.

Gilbert A. Abadilla, DDS is a general dentist with Comprehensive Dentistry Ltd. in Bloomingdale and St. Charles, Illinois. He received the Academy of General Dentistry’s Fellowship Award in 2012.


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