Dazzling Career Smiles

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

by Dr. Gilbert Abadilla

A dazzling smile continues to be a hallmark of successful people. After all, before most American municipalities fluoridated their water and prior to the ready availability of dental products such as effective toothpastes, many people lost their teeth at a relatively young age. A dazzling smile indicated the kind of wealth that included an excellent diet, regular dental cleanings, and other facets of life that simply were not available to many working people.

Fortunately, regular dental care is now available to most people. With a relatively small outlay, a visit to the dentist can ensure that a dazzling smile remains that way. Moreover, dental innovations such as Lumineers, which correct malformed and misaligned teeth, and Invisalign, which straightens without the heavy look and discomfort of traditional braces, provide everyone with the chance to have a dazzling smile.

“Regular dental care will ensure that your teeth stay healthy, but there are a number of very simple methods to obtain straight, beautiful teeth,” says Dr. Gilbert Abadilla, DDS, a dentist from Bloomingdale, Illinois, who practices preventative dental care as well as cosmetic dentistry. “A simple consultation with your dentist should give you a very clear idea about the processes and time period to attain the dazzling smile you want.”

While a dazzling smile makes a person more attractive and approachable, studies suggest that straight, white teeth also help people attain greater success in their careers. As with basic good looks and neat, appropriate clothing, a dazzling smile creates a more favorable impression with employers and recruiters alike.

For more information about dental care for a dazzling smile, visit Dr. Gilbert Abadilla’s website at http://comprehensivedentistry.com.


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